I'm sure there's no meaning in this world. But isn't that wonderful? That means you can find your own. -Filicia Heideman
Heya, My name is Quinton. Basically, I'm a popper (Dancing), and a huge Electronic music fan. I mainly post anime related shizz (I sometimes put a Comedy spin on anime and other times I don't) and sometimes whatever I feel like posting. Gou Matsuoka and Noel Kannagi are the best ;D I won't post NSFW on here. I also will share my dancing vids, where you can see more of Right here. You can also subscribe to my YouTube ;D Anyways, peace and enjoy my blog!




can someone please take that gif of anna being hit by hans’s horse and replace it with a car??? pls omg i will pay money for this


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I think this is one of my favorite post ever

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Generation of Miracles

The new super smash bros looks amazing

what kind of question is that of course I have